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If you don’t have accurate data on your alumni, it’s hard to tell if your programs are preparing students for jobs. With the Resume Forensics analytic, you gain access to millions of unique online resumes, so you can discover where your alumni live, what jobs they perform, and what key skills they use in their careers. Resume Forensics gives you the data you need to confidently understand your local workforce.



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Resume Forensics isn’t just for education. Whether you work for a business, staffing company, economic development, or workforce development, Resume Forensics gives you the resume data you need to understand your local workforce.

Our Resume Forensics analytic can help you answer tough questions like:

  • What careers have my graduated students pursued?
  • What is the benefit of my school or program on the local economy?
  • Will my programs help my students get a job in my region?
  • What are the characteristics of the talent pool in my market?
  • How do the characteristics of our workforce compare to our competitors?
  • Which companies in my region hire employees with a specific skill?




Filter by school, program, employer, occupation, place of residence, and more.


View which of your programs lead to high entry-level wages.


See what skills your workforce are using in their careers.

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Gain access to millions of unique online resumes so you can understand your local workforce.