Custom Publications

Chmura creates custom newsletters and publications for your economic reporting and forecasting needs. Our turnkey solutions start with a discovery process to identify your goals. From there, we conduct custom economic research, perform technical writing and branded graphic design, and deliver as a print or digital publication. While our consulting services typically culminate in a detailed research report or white paper, this service allows you to customize a publication based on parameters important to your customers, stakeholders, and investors, quickly, and at a fraction of the cost. 

Custom Publication Samples

Economic Trends

We’ve provided customized data, analysis, and visualization for Stafford County’s Annual Report every year since 2011 including employment, education, and business performance and health.

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Economic Forecast

Our forecasts for GDP, employment, consumer spending, wages, inflation, and other economic indicators are the basis for the annual report on the U.S. and Virginia economies published by the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy.


What can Chmura do for you?

We can help you solve business challenges or uncover opportunities, mitigate risks or facilitate growth, with our data-driven products, tools and expertise.