Pokénomics Sees Regional Differences Among Players

As a preferred provider of labor market data, Chmura Economics & Analytics set out to answer this question: “If Pokémon were real, which U.S. metropolitan areas would be best for Pokémon Trainers?” Chmura created the following five industries that have employees best equipped to support players of Pokémon: 1. Trainers, 2. Gyms, 3. Veterinarians (Healers or Pokémon Centers), 4. Selected retail shops (or Poke Mart), and 5. Teachers (Professors). Chmura’s CEO and Chief Economist, Dr. Christine Chmura, said “If Pokémon were real, trainers would be most successful in regions with the greatest concentration of people with the skills to help them become masters.”

Federal Budget Cuts Could Hamper Growth in Some Metro Areas

The map below shows non-defense contract spending by MSA from FY 2000 to 2015. The circles are proportional (i.e., they are scaled to the value of defense contracts in that MSA). Beginning in FY 2001, the color of each circle indicates whether non-defense contract spending in the MSA declined (red) or increased (green) from a year earlier. The map can be manually advanced or will advance automatically when you click on “Play.” The table below the map shows DoD contract spending in the top 100 MSAs and updates each time a new fiscal year is selected.