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How Chmura is Responding to COVID-19

Right now, the bad things in the world are easy to spot. One of the few good things about a crisis is that it reveals the strength and generosity of the American people. Government, Fortune 500 companies, and other large actors all play their part; but the way individuals and small business have responded is particularly inspiring. For example, author Shea Serrano has received praise for his efforts to supplement displaced workers’ incomes one $250 dollar donation at a time. Stories like these help keep our spirits afloat and reinforce the certainty that this crisis will only make us a stronger, more empathetic nation in the long run.


In that spirit, Chmura wanted to share what we are doing in response to COVID-19. We are very conscious that we are one small actor in a giant sea of generosity, but we are committed to helping our customers and the general public weather the storm.


First, Chmura will provide accurate, timely analysis of labor market trends to the general public. Accurate information will help companies and individuals make the best decisions to navigate these challenging times. Our blog series on the economic effects of COVID-19 will continue for the duration of the crisis. Previous entries have examined weekly employment trendsand the impact on the Washington economy.


Second, Chmura will help various economic sectors understand the impact of the downturn on their worlds. On March 31st, our CEO and Chief Economist will present a free webinar on “Workforce Development and the Coronavirus.” While both sessions of the webinar are already at capacity, Chmura will make a recording of the webinar available soon after the 31st. Sign up to receive notifications when it becomes available here. Following that webinar, we plan to hold additional webinars that explore the virus’s impact on economic development and explains how to use JobsEQto address the specific questions that this downturn raises. Details on these free webinars will be available soon. 


Third, Chmura provides various free data through its web page. Our COVID-19 Vulnerability Index describes which communities are most economically at risk based solely on how a region’s mix of industries is impacted by shutdowns. This information can inform policy decisions about where state and federal aid should be directed to provide maximum support for the broader economy and to protect our most economically vulnerable citizens.


Chmura is committed to playing its role in flattening the curve, making sure the economic downturn is as mild as possible, and helping its partners and the broader society benefit from the inevitable recovery. Stay tuned to Chmura’s web page, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the latest details. We wish you and yours health and security in the months ahead.




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