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Labor Market Speeches Online: Chmura Connect 19 Video Links and Presentations

JobsEQ client Trent Shaw, Research Director of Enterprise Florida, shares the specific ways he uses labor market data to promote economic development.

Didn't have the chance to attend Chmura Connect 19 in person? Fear not! Download copies of our speakers' presentations at the links below. You can also view their full presentation on YouTube by clicking on the "Watch Presentation" links or subscribing to Chmura's YouTube Channel.

"Chmura Connect is the premier labor market information conference in the nation, designed to help our clients understand our software better, understand the issue better, and understand how to use labor market information to make the maximum difference when they go back to their home organizations." --Dr. Bryan Shelly, Senior Education & Talent Strategist at Chmura Economics & Analytics

May the Labor Force Be With You

Your Focus Determines Your Reality-- Dr. Chris Chmura, CEO & Chief Economist at Chmura Economics & Analytics

Chris shows how to set development goals and how unstructured jobs postings data (RTI) complements structured data by allowing us to look at wages and specific skills.

This is Not How the Labor Force Works--Reg Javier, Deputy Executive Officer at San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency

Since industry needs constantly change, we need to be proactive in developing a labor force, meeting not only the needs of today but anticipating the business needs of tomorrow.

Finding Your Galactic Empire--Marianne Skorupski, Director of Research & Marketing for Newmark Knight Frank

How labor data helps you evaluate how any move will impact a company’s current and potential employees. 

Fighting the Resistance With Labor Data--Trent Shaw, Research Director of Enterprise Florida

Trent walks you through formulating a labor market argument from scratch, using a real-life case study.

Higher Ed and Labor Market Intelligence--Dr. Joe May, Chancellor of Dallas County Community College District

To change our communities we must partner with other organizations, including faith-based organizations, charities, educational institutions, and workforce boards. Dr. Joe May shares his experience uniting organizations.

Luck is Not a Strategy--Gray Swoope, President & CEO of VisionFirst Advisors

A site selector's perspective: when a business prospect visits your region, they have already formed their first impression of your region based on labor market data.

The Galaxy of Where--Helen Thompson, Global Marketing Strategy | Real Estate, Banking & Insurance at Esri

Stories told with data can change the world. Instead of using raw facts, economic developers and public policy leaders should put data in context to tell the story of their community. 

Identifying Peer Regions and Key Indicators--Pete Paradossi, President of Evansville Regional Business Committee; Dr. Chris Chmura

How to develop a set of trackable “indicators” to help measure the region’s progress in terms of demographics, employment and wage growth, educational attainment, and community wellbeing.


You can learn a lot by watching these presentations. We look forward to seeing you at Chmura Connect 20 at The Ritz-Carlton in Cleveland! 


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