Announcing JobsEQ 3.1

We are pleased to announce the release of JobsEQ 3.1!  This is a very exciting release, bringing thorough and detailed labor data to our users’ fingertips. Here are the major components of today’s release:

Labor Data at the Zip-Code Level

Chmura has computed and rigorously tested a detailed, unsuppressed dataset at the zip-code level that is now available in nearly all JobsEQ analytics. On the industry side, zip level data are available down to 6-digit NAICS codes, and for occupations, down to 6-digit SOC codes. And if zip-codes aren’t detailed enough for your needs, contact us for information on how Chmura’s team of expert economists can do a custom analysis of your labor market using our exclusive block-level labor data.

Map: Drive-Time vs 50 Mile RadiusCustom Regions by Drive Time

Metropolitan areas (MSAs) and simple n-mile radius commonly used in desktop analysis don’t tell the whole story, and can often misrepresent your labor market. JobsEQ now allows users to run analytics based on custom drivetime regions. This powerful, yet easy to use tool, allows our users to gain an accurate picture of their labor market, regional conditions, and demographics. 

Occupation Profile Report

JobsEQ 3.1 adds another powerful report to your toolkit, the Occupation Profile Report (download a sample). With the click of a button, this report provides an overview of employment, wages, geographic distribution, and educational pipeline. Combined with the zip-level data and the drive time feature, JobsEQ reports pack an unprecedented amount of information into an easy-to-read download.  Also related: view a sample of the JobsEQ Economic Overview Report.

Access Today

JobsEQ 3.1 is available to existing users immediately through your normal login. New users can contact sales to schedule a demo or start your subscription today.