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Chmura provides the labor market data and analysis you need. So you can make informed decisions that help your community thrive. 

With robust tools and clear, credible and customized advice, we harness the world of data, empowering clients to discover economic opportunity.

We believe you deserve more than a cookie-cutter experience. That’s why we develop our own forecasts and generate solutions specific to each situation. The foundation of these solutions is data of unparalleled integrity, interpreted by a team that understands both economics and analytics.

We help you become a data master.

By tapping into the deep knowledge of our PhD economists, statisticians, data scientists, mathematicians, and strategists, our clients become experts in applied labor market data, to the benefit of the communities they serve.


We put the power in your hands.

Through innovative tools created by our team, we put the power of labor data into the hands of our clients, for instant access to comprehensive, actionable information. These tools also feature hands-on access to people who understand the product and the economy – and they’re eager to share their knowledge.


Excellence is our top priority.

At Chmura, every project we are involved with, every product we design, and every action we take as a firm is centered around excellence: in service, in data, and in insight. We set our standards high so our clients’ decisions are always grounded in integrity.


Our Vision:

To be the most trusted provider of economic data and analysis.


Our Mission:

We empower and grow economies by guiding our clients with accurate, thorough, and useful data and insights.

Our Team

Our team of PhD economists, statisticians, data scientists, mathematicians, and strategists are published scientists on the forefront of applied economics and data science.

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Chmura’s dedication to leadership, communication, and education has put us at the forefront of innovation for almost two decades, producing quality work and improving our employees’ futures.

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Boost your decision-making power! Let us demonstrate how our targeted information and models can support the realization of your goals through data analysis and economic forecasting.

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PodcastEconomics at Work

We've got a podcast! 

Each week, President Leslie Peterson interviews a guest in economic development, workforce, education, or corporate. They discuss how they use Chmura's labor market data and analysis to help their communities.


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Contributing to innovations in big labor data analytics, we share insights and serve decision makers from both public and private organizations.